Once again ISRO have started preparing for the Moon

Posted by Joy on Sunday, 3 November 2019

Lander Vikram of Chandrayaan II was lost at the last moment before landing on the moon. Vikram did not know what happened in the end because of the communication. The dream was a whole Indian. But the Indian space research firm ISRO is reluctant to give up on the matter right now. So once again the scientists of ISRO have started preparing for the moon.

ISRO have started preparing for the moon.

Vikram's expedition failed, of course, but ISRO scientists confidently set foot in the dark part of the moon to send landers from India. Rover will roam the moon. And for that purpose they are getting ready for Mission Chandraan-1. It is reported that Mission Chandraan 1 will be completed by November next year. ISRO has also formed a committee on how this mission will work. At least four high level meetings have been reported since October.

The orbiter of Chandrayaan II is still working. Therefore, scientists can skip this part in the next mission. They insist on a lander and a rover. As a result, Mission Chandrayaan-1 can be completed at a relatively low cost.

According to sources, preparations for the mission have gone a long way. There is also debate over which part of the lander will land on the moon. This time, the company is more cautious than ever. Recently, ISRO chief K Shivan said, “We could not reach the desired target for technical error. But our system worked three hundred meters away from the moon. This time, it will use the information available to reach the target. ”

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November 03, 2019

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